Violin bow by Eugène Sartory, Paris, circa 1930

Violin bow by Eugène Sartory, Paris, circa 1930

About Sartory

Eugène Nicholas Sartory was born in Mirecourt in 1871. He was the son of a bowmaker, with whom he served his first apprenticeship. The young Sartory was evidently something of a child prodigy: after moving to Paris to learn under Charles Pecatte and then Alfred Lamy père, Sartory set up his own Parisian workshop at the tender age of 18!

French bow making in the nineteenth century falls into two separate parts: the golden age of the soloist-quality bows by Pecatte, Pajeot, Henri et al., followed by the subsequent reimagining of the bow by F.N. Voirin. The bows of Voirin, Lamy and their contemporaries tend to be lighter and less substantial: Sartory took the new model and made it a little more solid, consistently producing soloist-quality French bows once more.

Eugène Sartory died in 1946, having firmly established himself as one of the greatest bowmakers of the twentieth century.

About the bow

The bow was made in Paris around 1930 and is a very good example of Sartory's later work.

The round stick is of high-quality pernambuco and measures 731 mm. The bow weighs 65 grams.

The frog is of typical Sartory design and displays the work of Sartory's long-term assistant, Louis Gillet.

How does it sound?

This is a bow on the heavier end of the spectrum - it produces a wonderfully full sound, and bounces extremely well. It is surprisingly nuanced as well; it isn't just a powerful bow! A really enticing bow which will be a real asset to its player.


The bow is in very good condition.


The bow comes with the 2023 certificate of Peter Oxley.

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