Viola by Edward Elliott, Northumberland, 1913

This viola has now sold.

Viola by Edward Elliott, Northumberland, 1913

About Edward Elliott

Edward Elliott was born in Newcastle in 1855. By 1891 he was living in the village of Monkseaton, just a few miles away from the city. Like many amateur instrument makers, Elliott´s professional background was in woodworking: he is recorded as a manufacturer of handrails and employed others in this trade. It is clear from this viola that Elliott was a skilled craftsman who was able to turn his hand to making a charming instrument.

About the viola

The viola was made in Monkseaton in 1913 and is of a personal model.

The viola has a one piece back of plain, slab-cut sycamore. The front is two pieces of semi slab-cut pine with a wide grain and the varnish is golden-amber in colour.

The viola has a length of back of 15 inches.

How does it sound?

This viola has a warm, intimate sound with a particularly silky character to the lower end. It would be a lovely musical partner for exploring chamber and orchestral repertoire.


The viola is in good condition and bears its original label.

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This viola has now sold, but you can view other violas in this price range.