Czech 3/4 size Violin, circa 1930

This violin has now sold.

Czech 3/4 size Violin, circa 1930

About Czech Violin Making

The workshops producing trade instruments at this time were based in the small town of Luby, then known by the German name Schönbach. The town had been an important centre of violin making since the second half of the 17th century, flourishing during the reign of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. We know that in 1927 the town had a population of 4,500; one third of their number were involved in the making of string instruments.

During this period, there was a good deal of crossover between the Czech makers of Luby/ Schönbach and the German makers of Markneukirchen, less than 10km away. Given how connected the two towns were, it can often be tricky to differentiate between Markneukirchen and Schönbach violins of this period: in the case of this violin the varnish indicates a more Czech aesthetic.

About the violin

This violin was made in the 1930s and is 3/4 sized, having a length of back of 332 mm. We are always really pleased when we find a 3/4 instrument which plays well and has a good tone: we are passionate about making sure young players have access to instruments which allow them to sound their best. When it comes to smaller instruments, this can sometimes require careful searching!

How does it play?

This violin works well and will help a student to make great progress as they move up the sizes. The violin is a good-quality instrument and gives the player access to a wide range of tonal possibilities.


The violin is in excellent condition.

More information

This violin has now sold, but you can view other violins in this price range or view other violins by this maker.