Violin by Colin Tulloch, Orkney, 2020

This violin has now sold.

Violin by Colin Tulloch, Orkney, 2020

About Colin Tulloch

We are delighted to have a violin for sale by the highly-respected Orcadian luthier Colin Tulloch. Colin makes beautiful instruments inspired by the Cremonese masters but with a powerful, full-bodied tone which reflects the musical heritage of the Orkneys. Colin´s instruments are popular with musicians in Scotland and further afield.

About the violin

The violin was completed in 2020. It is modelled after the `Vieuxtemps` Guarneri del Gesù, made in 1741 and famously played by the soloist Henri Vieuxtemps.

The violin has a one piece back of medium-flamed maple with the figuration descending towards the bass side. The front is two pieces of fairly fine-grained spruce and the varnish is golden brown in colour, laid over a lighter golden ground. The violin has a subtle patina of wear applied at the end of the making process.

The violin has a length of back of 355 mm.

How does it sound?

The tone of Colin´s violins is consistently characterful and bold. The bottom register is gloriously resonant and bassy, whilst the upper register has the powerful, silvery tone necessary for challenging concerto repertoire. One of my favourite things about Colin´s sound is that there is always more to discover. The longer I play, the more colours and sounds present themselves. This is a violin for a serious, bold player who is always searching for more colours from their instrument.


The violin is in original mint condition.


The violin comes with a certificate of authenticity from the maker.

More information

This violin has now sold, but you can view other violins in this price range.