Violin bow by Richard Wilson, Berwick, 2023

This violin bow has now sold.

Violin bow by Richard Wilson, Berwick, 2023

About Richard Wilson

Richard represents the best of the English bow making tradition, having trained in the Hill style with the maker Garner Wilson. He makes truly exceptional bows from his workshop near Berwick-upon-Tweed, all imbued with a very fine understanding of the aesthetics of excellent French bows.

As a former professional violist, Richard has an excellent understanding of what players need from the bow in their case. Richard makes modern, classical and Baroque bows and we are delighted to have a number of modern bows available for sale in our shop.

About the violin bow

This violin bow is modelled after the work of the early English maker John Dodd and has an open frog.

The bow weighs 55 and a half grams and the mounts are of mammoth ivory, a material which is not subject to the same restrictions as standard ivory. The stick measures 721 mm in length and is made of excellent quality pernambuco.

How does it play?

This bow is just a delight to play! We adore Richard's Dodd model bows as they have as much character in the hand as they do to look at! Sprightly and fresh, but with a good backbone so it doesn’t risk bottoming out.


The bow is in original mint condition.

More information

This violin bow has now sold, but you can view other violin bows in this price range or view other violin bows by this maker.