Violin Bow by Charles Louis Bazin, Mirecourt, circa 1930

Violin Bow by Charles Louis Bazin, Mirecourt, circa 1930

About the Bazin family

It would be impossible to write the history of French bow making without a focus on the Mirecourt Bazin dynasty: this family dominated the market from their emergence in the 1840s until the late 1980s.

Charles Louis was the youngest son of Charles Nicolas Bazin and took over his father´s shop in 1907. He made bows under his own stamp and also made excellent-quality unstamped bows for many Parisian dealerships. He was joined in the workshop by his own son, Charles Alfred, in 1922 and the pair worked together for the next 30 years.

About the bow

The bow was made in Mirecourt around 1930. It weighs 58 grams and the round stick measures 731 mm in length. The mounts are of nickel and ebony and the bow is stamped Vanelli.

How does it play?

This is a great playing bow! It has that exciting combination of grit and clarity to the sound that´s hard to describe but great to find. If you already have a bright violin and are looking for a bow to dampen it down, this isn´t the bow for you! It has a slightly megaphone-like quality that would bring out the best in a darker instrument which needs help to project.


The bow is in excellent condition.


The bow comes with the certificate of Raffin, Le Canu and Bigot.

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