Violin by Charles Collin-Mézin Père, Paris, 1883

Violin by Charles Collin-Mézin Père, Paris, 1883

About Charles Jean-Baptiste Collin-Mézin père

Charles Jean-Baptiste Collin-Mézin père was born in Mirecourt to a family of violin makers. Hecompleted his apprenticeship with his father before working for Nicolas François Vuillaume in Brussels. He then set up on his own in Paris, gaining a name for himself as one of France’s finest violin makers of the nineteenth century.

Despite having spent time in the workshop of Nicolas Vuillaume, Collin-Mézin père had much in common with Vuillaume’s more famous brother. Both working at the highest level of French workmanship of the time, the two makers were gifted marketers who harnessed the star power of famous musicians to market their instruments.

As you might have guessed from the name, Collin-Mézin père’s son followed him into the industry. Referred to as Charles Collin-Mézin fils, he inherited his father’s Mirecourt workshop after his death and established a much larger, more commercial business. This was in turn inherited by his own son, Charles Jean-Baptiste Collin-Mézin III: this continuation of the family trade is what has lead to the large number of instruments from the Collin-Mézin workshop all around the world today.

About this violin

This violin was made in Paris in 1883 and is modelled after the instruments of Stradivari.

The violin has a two piece back of quarter-sawn maple, the flame descending from the centre joint. The ribs and scroll are of similar wood. The front is two pieces of narrow-grained spruce which widens towards the flanks. The varnish is an unshaded golden brown.

The violin has a length of back of 354 mm.

How does it sound?

This violin is an instrument that feels full of confidence. I find it very enjoyable to play because it makes my smaller mistakes sound like interesting musical decisions! A focussed, projecting violin with a very well-balanced voice.


The violin is in excellent condition and bears its original label.

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