Violin Bow by Charles Alfred Bazin, Mirecourt

Violin Bow by Charles Alfred Bazin, Mirecourt

About Charles Alfred Bazin

Charles Alfred Bazin was the last of the bow makers of the illustrious Bazin family. The Bazins are ever-present in the story of French bow making, from as long ago as the 1850s.

The story of the Bazin family begins with François Xavier Bazin. He was inspired by the work of Dominique Peccatte and may have served his apprenticeship with this maker. François Xavier trained his son, Charles Nicolas Bazin, who was probably the most prolific and important member of the family. C.N. Bazin had a huge workshop with many a young bow maker cutting his teeth there before moving on to set up workshops of their own, including Victor Fétique, Louis Morizot and François Lotte to name but three.

Charles Alfred Bazin is Charles Nicolas' grandson, taking over the workshop from his father, Charles Louis, in 1952.

About the bow

The bow weighs 59 grams and the mounts are of silver and ebony. The stick measures 729 mm in length.

This bow has a rounded frog, something that I appreciate in a violin bow as it helps reduce to possibility of hitting the c bouts during vigorous bowing passages!

How does it play?

The bow produces a warm sound which projects well and feels comfortable in the hand.


The bow is in very good condition. It is stamped Charles Bazin - France above the frog on the player side.

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