Caussin School Violin

This violin has now sold.

Caussin School Violin

About Caussin school

This violin is modelled after the instruments of the Neufchâteau maker François Caussin, who in turn was influenced by the early Milanese makers. This is particularly interesting as the violin was made in Mirecourt at a time when the vast majority of the instruments produced were fairly plain Strad copies.

The violin bears a hallmark of the Caussin school: the darkened area under the bridge is intended to imitate the marks left by rosin build up in the 19th century on fine old violins. It has a large, generous sound and would make an extremely reliable instrument for a musician looking to upgrade to a violin with greater tonal possibility.

The violin is in excellent condition and has a length of back of 360 mm.

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This violin has now sold, but you can view other violins in this price range or view other violins by this maker.