Roseneath Carbon Fibre Violin Bow

Roseneath Carbon Fibre Violin Bow

About Carbon fibre

Carbon fibre bows are an incredibly good option for a number of different requirements. They are ideal for some younger players due to their robust materials, useful in tight playing environments for more experienced players who would prefer not to risk damaging a valuable antique, and finally can be invaluable when touring to extreme climates due to their resilience.

Once a poor substitute for the real thing, the quality of carbon fibre bows has increased so much that they often outplay similarly-priced wooden sticks in blind tests. At the cheaper end of violin bow options we often recommend carbon fibre over wood as it is a consistent product which will not warp over time.

About the violin bow

The bows weigh 61 grams, giving them a nice, solid feel in the hand. This consistency is also evident in how they play, giving confidence to less experienced players that they can really rely on the bow in their case.

The mounts are aluminium and ebony and the stick measures 725 mm in length.

How does it play?

We are very fussy about the instruments and bows we stock: our belief that sounding your best can only be achieved with good-quality tools means that we test these bows rigorously in order to stock only those which meet our high standards.

The bows are remarkably consistent in how they play: they make a good, clear sound and play off the string with ease.

Further information

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