Violin Bow by Charles Nicolas Bazin after Tubbs, Mirecourt

This violin bow has now sold.

Violin Bow by Charles Nicolas Bazin after Tubbs, Mirecourt

About Charles Nicolas Bazin

Charles Nicolas Bazin is a fantastic French maker whose Mirecourt workshop employed many of the town´s finest makers. He inherited the workshop from his father aged only 18 but proved to be an excellent businessman, supplying top-quality bows to many of the Parisian shops. The Tubbs copy bows are particularly prized as these were one of the highest grades of bow to leave the workshop.

About James Tubbs

James Tubbs is thought of as one of the finest English bow makers. Tubbs was very hard-working and consistent in his output: his bows can be readily recognised from the rounded, almost tubby, profile of the head and the use of metal face-plates, amongst many other features. The bows range in strength but almost always make the most beautiful sound.

About the bow

The bow is made of fantastic quality pernambuco and is mounted in excellent quality, jet-black ebony and silver. The bow weighs 60 grams and the stick measures 731 mm in length.

How does it play?

This bow is a combination of the best of French and English bow making from this period: it combines the squidgy comfort of Tubbs with the electric urgency of a really good French bow.


The bow is in very good condition.


The bow comes with the certificate of Pierre Guillaume.

More information

This violin bow has now sold, but you can view other violin bows in this price range.