Why hire an instrument?

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Have you ever taken up a new hobby with great enthusiasm, only to drop it when it fails to live up to expectations? Our house is littered with unloved sporting equipment and fancy cooking apparatus, most discarded once it became clear that the owner was not going to become world-class in the discipline without a little hard work…

Or perhaps you are the parent or carer of a young child who continues to grow in an unreasonably unpredictable manner? Wouldn’t it be nice if the various bits of kit could be swapped for larger items at no extra cost?

We understand that a musical instrument is a significantly bigger investment than a badminton racquet, or even a pair of football boots. Our student instrument hire scheme has been designed to provide an alternative to buying a violin, viola or cello at the outset: a good quality instrument can be hired for a short period in order for the player to decide if it’s right for them and can be exchanged for a larger size at any time.

The scheme runs for a minimum period of three months; after this time the initial cost will be taken off the price of the instrument, the hire period can be extended on a monthly basis or the instrument can be returned. We ensure that all of our instruments are in top playing condition and are here to support you with all of your playing needs during the time of hire, giving you the best chance for a great start in your musical life.

Read more about our rental scheme here.