Beginner Viola Outfit

Beginner Viola Outfit

About the Beginner Viola Outfit

This outfit is the result of a great deal of thinking and research! We were determined to find a way to ensure that all beginner players had access to a good-quality instrument which would support their learning and yet remain comparable with the prices of instruments found online.

The outfit is based around a new Stentor viola which has been re-set and adjusted up to Tim’s exacting standards. This keeps the price affordable yet gives the assurance that each instrument has been rigorously tested by Tim and is in excellent playing condition, making it an ideal viola for beginners.

What is included in the Beginner Viola Outfit?

This outfit comprises a new Stentor viola, new brazilwood bow and new oblong case with A4 music pocket. We have chosen to offer Stentor instruments because we believe that their quality and reliability cannot be beaten for the price. The violas always have their set up adjusted before sale to ensure they are in optimum playing condition.

What size of viola is available?

These violas are available in 13”, 14”, 15”, 15 and 1/2” and finally 16”. We don't always keep all sizes in stock so please do call ahead to check.

We are always very happy to advise on instrument sizes and will always make sure the instrument is a good fit before it goes to its new owner.

Who is this outfit for?

This viola outfit is very popular with our youngest customers, however it is also a great option for adult learners. When starting out it is really important that the instrument is well-set up and makes a pleasing sound, otherwise the experience can be quite off-putting! As a general rule, we would suggest that this viola would serve its owner well up to about ABRSM Grade 3 or 4 standard: after this point it is often helpful to have an instrument which offers more variation in tone and colour.

Price and condition

The outfit is for sale at £220 including bow and case. These outfits are brand new.

What if I outgrow the viola?

We are always happy to accept any of our student instruments back on our part exchange scheme, giving you peace of mind that the viola can be easily upgraded or changed for a larger size when neede

Further information

Please get in touch for more details about this Beginner Viola Outfit for sale and a member of our team will get back to you.

More information

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