Meinel and Herold 3/4 violin, Klingenthal, circa 1920

This violin has now sold.

Meinel and Herold 3/4 violin, Klingenthal, circa 1920

About Meinel and Herold

Meinel and Herold were a Saxon workshop based in Klingenthal. The business was founded in 1893 and became one of Germany's largest retailers of musical instruments.

Meinel and Herold had their own workshop in Klingenthal but also bought instruments from other workshops which they sold under their own label. The company sold directly to customers via an illustrated catalogue: this was evidently very successful as Meinel and Herold instruments can be found all over the world!

About the violin

This violin was made for Meinel and Herold in Saxony in the 1920s. It is modelled after Stradivari and is a workshop-made violin, meaning that it was made by hand by a team of luthiers.

The violin has a two piece back of very finely-flamed maple with ribs and scroll to match. The front is two pieces of narrow-grained spruce which widens towards the flanks. The varnish is an attractive reddish-brown.

The violin has a length of back of 337 mm.

How does it sound?

This violin has an open, cheerful character with a sophisticated sound. It rings very well and is responsive to nuances of colour and dynamics: this would make it an excellent instrument for an advanced young player.


The violin has no cracks and is in excellent condition.

More information

To speak very generally, players with an arm length of 55-60 cm may find that a 3/4 size violin is the best fit for them. This often roughly correlates with the ages 9-12 but we also have a number of adult clients who have found that a three quarter size instrument is the most comfortable option for them. More information can be found on our blog and we are always very happy to advise on size.

As with all of our student instruments, this violin is eligible for our part exchange scheme. This means that we will be very happy to have it back on part exchange if you need to move to a full-size violin.

This violin has now sold, but you can view other violins in this price range.