Violin bow by Andreas Grütter, Amsterdam, 2021

This violin bow has now sold.

Violin bow by Andreas Grütter, Amsterdam, 2021

About Andreas Grütter

Andreas Grütter was born in Zürich and started his career as a luthier making double basses. Grütter joined Giovanni Lucchi's bow making class in 1982, later working in New York with William Salchow. He has had his own workshop in Amsterdam since the early 1990s.

He produces a wide range of modern and period bows and his work is much sought-after amongst professional players.

About the violin bow

The bow was made in Amsterdam and is Grütter's Gitlis model.

The octagonal stick is of good quality pernambuco and measures 729 mm in length. The mounts are ebony and silver and the bow weighs 59 grams.

How does it play?

This is a really interesting and unique bow! Despite feeling light in the hand and being incredibly manoeuvrable, it sits firmly in the string and draws out a massive sound. It would make an incredible partner for a player like me who is trying to mitigate arm weight!


The bow is in excellent condition.

More information

This violin bow has now sold, but you can view other violin bows in this price range.