Violin bow by Alfred Knoll, Regnitzlosau

This violin bow has now sold.

Violin bow by Alfred Knoll, Regnitzlosau

About Alfred Knoll

The Knoll workshop was founded by Alfred Knoll in 1932 and is still active today under the control of his grandson Gerald. The workshop is based in Regnitzlosau, close to the Czech border and just 25 kilometres from Markneukirchen. The Knoll workshop produces a wide range of bows, from student models to bows suitable for professional playing.

About the bow

This violin bow was made around 40 years ago and is one of their lower priced models, being mounted in nickel and ebony and the stick being made of brazilwood as opposed to pernambuco.

This bow was bought new from the workshop by its previous owner and has received only very light playing over the course of its life. The bow weighs 59 grams and the mounts are of nickel and ebony. The stick measures 729 mm in length.

How does it play?

The bow is on the softer end of the spectrum and produces a good tone. It would be particularly suitable as a first handmade bow as it works just as it should and gives a greater range of tonal possibility than a more basic student bow.


The bow is in excellent condition.

More information

This violin bow has now sold, but you can view other violin bows in this price range.