James Robinson viola, Australia

Fine instrument rental

There are many rental schemes for student violins, but we are the first violin shop to offer a rental scheme for fine instruments. We have several instruments that we rent out, including 18th century Italian instruments. Please get in touch to talk about what is currently available and about pricing.

This scheme is useful for a number of different people:

  • Those who can't yet afford to buy outright

  • Those who are not yet sure what they are looking for in a great instrument

  • Those who fancy a change

The best bit about renting a violin from us is that it helps you to save up – rent paid can be used as credit and put towards up to 60% off the purchase of any instrument or bow in our shop.



Monthly rent: from £100

Deposit: from £1,500

Annual administrative charge: £250


Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum 4 month period, after which time the violin will be inspected to check for out of the ordinary damage and signs of neglect.

  • After one year we reserve the right to take back the instrument for maintenance and offer you another

  • Full terms and conditions can be sent on request


Frequently asked questions

  • Can I buy the same instrument that I am renting?

No, but you can put up to 60% of the rent that you have paid towards one of our instruments for sale. This means that if you have paid £3,000 in rent so far and you decide to purchase a £5,000 instrument, you would only have to pay £2,000.

  • Can I have the instrument restored by someone I know or do it myself?

We are very careful with every instrument that comes through our hands. The rental instruments are no different and so we require you to get in touch with us to tell us what the problem is. We can then either take a look ourselves, or point you towards a trusted luthier closer to you to carry out the work.

  • Are you insuring the instrument or am I?

You are wholly responsible for insuring the violin. But of course, we would advise that alongside a comprehensive insurance policy, the best way of ensuring the safety of a lovely instrument is through careful use and TLC!

  • My friend has an important concert – can I lend them my hired instrument?

No, you are the only person allowed to play the instrument and it must not be lent out under any circumstances.