Joseph Hill, London, c.1760

This is a lovely violin, made after Amati, by the great Joseph Hill.  Joseph was the first recorded violin maker of the famous Hill dynasty, the great-grandfather of William Ebsworth Hill, who started the firm W. E. Hill and Sons. As far as we know, Joseph Hill was an honest and hard working violin maker, unlike his youngest son, Lockey Hill who was hanged for stealing horses! Lockey Hill also made violins in between bouts of grand theft equine.

This instrument actually comes with a certificate from W. E. Hill and Sons, dated the 8th of September, 1959, and there are some historic valuation letters as well. 

The violin is in very good condition for its age, and sounds brilliant. A real soloistic edge to the sound which helps it carry, but has plenty of richness and colour. The perfect violin to lead a quartet on!