Violin Bow by Joseph Alfred Lamy, Paris, circa 1915

Violin Bow by Joseph Alfred Lamy, Paris, circa 1915

About Joseph Alfred Lamy

Joseph Alfred Lamy, often called Lamy père, was born in 1850 and served his apprenticeship with Claude Charles Nicolas Husson. He moved to Paris in 1876 to work for F.N. Voirin, later becoming his assistant. Lamy set up his own Parisian workshop following Voirin´s death in 1885.

Lamy´s Mirecourt training and his time with Voirin led to his early and middle period bows being of the lighter, more delicate French pattern. This gradually changed to a more full-bodied model in Lamy´s later work: this bow is an excellent example of the stronger stick.

About the bow

This bow was made in Paris around 1915, four years before Lamy´s death. The bow weighs 58.5 grams and the mounts are of silver and ebony. The round stick measures 733 mm in length.

How does it play?

This bow produces an extremely rich, full-bodied sound. It is flexible in the way that the best French bows are, offering an enormous range of colours and articulations.


The bow is in excellent condition.


It comes with the certificate of Bernard Millant and bears the maker´s stamp under the protective leather.

Further information

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More information

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