Czech Violin Circa 1930

Czech Violin Circa 1930

About Czech Violin Making

This violin was made in Luby, then known by the German name Schönbach. The town had been an important centre of violin making since the second half of the 17th century, flourishing during the reign of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. We know that in 1927 the town had a population of 4,500; one third of their number were involved in the making of string instruments.

Luby/ Schönbach is less than 20km away from the corresponding German centres of Klingenthal and Markneukirchen. The geographical closeness of the three centres means that there was a good deal of crossover in the workforce, leading to similarities in the construction and style of the instruments made in each. There are a great many Czech instruments from this period, ranging from quickly-made factory instruments to the more carefully constructed workshop instruments: this violin is a good example of the latter.

About the violin

Made in the 1930s, this violin is modelled after the instruments of Stradivari and has a length of back of 359 mm. The violin has an attractive two piece back of fairly highly figured maple and a two piece front of straight-grained spruce.

The violin has only the most subtle of antiquing, identifying this instrument as one of the higher grade instruments produced in the Luby workshops at the time. The varnish is of a light reddish-brown, again a choice which indicates this violin was one of the higher-grade instruments to be produced.

How does it sound?

This violin would make an excellent upgrade from a modern, factory-produced instrument. It is even across the strings and has a nice, full tone.


The violin is in good condition. There is a mark on the front where cigarette ash has fallen on the belly whilst the instrument was being played. This characterful mark has been retouched and has no bearing on the soundness of the violin´s construction.

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