Below £1500

Prosper colas

Don't be fooled by this bow's brazilwood and nickel mountings; it plays superbly. Light in the hand with a strong stick and full sound. 55 grams.

Richard Grunke

Firm, lively and bright sounding – this Richard Grunke is a well balanced violin bow. 60 grams

£1500 And Above


A brilliant Vuillaume style bow, made in workshop of Jerome Thibouville-Lamy. This bow is a great all rounder. It is very comfortable to play. 60 grams.

C N Bazin

This is a very special bow made by Charles Nicolas Bazin. A small repair to one of the cheeks, and its ivory mounting make this bow very affordable. 

Nickel and Ivory mounted with a round stick, 56 grams. Comes with Raffin certificate

L. Morizot Freres

Sarasate Artiste JTL

This bow is as strong as a good Sartory but a fraction of the price! The prolific workshop of Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy employed many great French bow makers. Made in the 1950s.

Silver mounted with a round stick, 60 grams and 74.6 cm in length.

This bow has a smooth, cantabile sound and is easily controlled in faster passages. Made in the 1950s.

Nickel mounted with a round stick, 60 grams and 74.4 cm in length. Comes with Raffin certificate.


Alongside more expensive instruments, the Vuillaume workshop produced the affordable Stentor line . This is a fantastic opportunity to get a coveted Vuillaume bow on a budget! 

Nickel mounted with a round stick, 58 grams and 74.2 cm in length.


£3000 and above


Old bows of this calibre are rare. The best of the Dodd family's output really is comparable with the very best French bow makers, and this bow is an excellent example. It also has the added bonus of having not a single piece of ivory on it, which makes touring to the US extremely simple. Probably by James Dodd. 57 grams.


Bows by W E Hill and Sons have a reputation for reliability, but not for being exciting to play. This bow was made using fabulous pernambuco and is extremely lively off the string, making it great fun to play. This one has a number 2 stamped at the tip, which shows it was made by Edgar Bishop, at some point between the First and Second World Wars. 62 grams.


Elegant with a slim stick, this bow is very responsive and produces huge contrasts of colour with ease. Made in the 1890s.

Silver mounted with a round stick, 58 grams and 74.3 cm in length. Comes with Raffin certificate.

C N Bazin

A lively yet manageable bow with a strong stick that articulates brilliantly. Made in the 1890s.

Nickel mounted with a round stick, 61.5 grams and 74.4 cm in length. Comes with Raffin certificate.


Emile Francois Ouchard


I can never understand why E.F. Ouchard’s bows aren’t more expensive. I find them consistently excellent playing bows with a really classy tone and this bow is a great example.

Silver mounted with a round stick, 60 grams and 74.1 cm in length. Comes with Guillaume certificate.


£6000 and above

Louis Henri Gillet

Eugene Sartory was undoubtedly a genius and as a result, his prices have risen consistently to the point that they now command such a high price as to be more than many musicians' salaries. But you are in luck!

Here is a bow by Louis Henri Gillet, Sartory's star pupil. At less than a third of the price of a good Sartory, it is considerably more affordable! It possesses the elegance present in many early Sartorys and is a joy to play. 

Louis Henri Gillet

This lovely violin bow was made by Louis Henri Gillet for Georges Dupuy, whose stamp it bears. Gillet started working for Dupuy following his time working for Sartory. This bow draws out a full sound with a beautiful silvery sparkle on top! A very classy stick. 

Silver mounted with a round stick, 58 grams and 74.1cm in length. Comes with Isaac Salchow certificate.

£20,000 and above

Eugene Sartory

Eugene Sartory has an almost legendary status amongst string players as the greatest bow maker of the 20th Century. His bows are popular with soloists as they easily manage to meet the demands of the Romantic and modern eras and this bow, made in the 1920s, has all the grit and strength you would expect. It also oozes finesse and I just love playing Mozart and Bach on it. Comes with Guillaume certificate

Etienne Pajeot

Etienne Pajeot is undoubtedly my favourite bow maker. He was a revolutionary and an innovator, continually trying new things and searching of ways to improve. As a result, his bows can often look quite different from one another. The constants throughout his oeuvre however are fine workmanship and total elegance of form; I've never seen a Pajeot that I didn't think was beautiful. 

This one was made around 1845 and quite simply makes an explosive sound. It immediately pulls out the best characteristics of any instrument and is exhilarating to play.

Round stick, 59 grams and comes with an Isaac Salchow certificate.