Below £10,000


Made in 1929, this violin bears the label of Marcel Cyrano, a nom de plume for Georges Apparut, a Mirecourt violin maker. A stunning Amati model with typically clean yet stylish workmanship, the violin is in perfect condition with no cracks. Our mission is to source instruments which punch above their weight; this violin is a brilliant example of exactly that.

August Gemunder

George Craske

This violin by George Craske is a particularly nice early example, modeled after the instruments of Stradivari's 'Long Period'. It has an even tone with a lot of warmth and beauty to the sound.

Lucien Schmitt

Don’t be fooled by the Germanic name – Swiss-born Lucien Schmitt studied with several French makers before setting up his workshop in Grenoble. Interestingly, he first studied playing the violin at the Geneva Conservatoire; perhaps this accounts for the rich lower register and powerful E string of this instrument. The violin is typical of Schmitt’s best work, being a del Gesù model with a one piece back.

Finished by August Gemunder in New York, this violin is a brilliant del Gesu copy. With really exciting varnish and tone, it is extremely competitive in its price range.

£10,000 and above

Matthew Hardie violin



John Wilkinson

The enigmatic violin maker John Wilkinson can be a tricky one to pin down as he didn't label his work. After his left arm was rendered useless in the Battle of the Somme, he used a series of splints to help hold instruments he was making. Ever the copyist, his work comes in many different styles. This violin is a very convincing copy of a Fendt; indeed it passed as one for many years! 


£20,000 and above

17th century Dutch

Made in the 17th century, this is a truly ancient violin. The early Dutch makers are difficult to identify as so much of their work has been relabelled as Cremonese.

Ludovico Rastelli

Ludovico Rastelli worked in the medieval old town of 19th century Genoa, the home of Niccolo Paganini. After Paganini’s death in 1840, his Guarneri violin, ‘il Cannone’ was gifted to the city of Genoa. It is probable that Rastelli heard Paganini in concert, and certain that the reputation of Paganini and his violin that was as loud as a Cannon had reached Rastelli by the time he made it circa 1860.

This Guarneri model violin, although not a copy of ‘il Cannone’, possesses the same characteristics of punch and projection as Paganini’s violin. I find myself driving for an ever bigger and better sound when playing this violin – I can really feel it working with me to improve my playing!

Condition is very good, although a small amount of restored historic worm damage in the upper back makes this instrument more affordable. With Gindin certificate

Over £30,000


DANTE E Alfredo Guastalla

A gorgeous Modern Italian violin by the brothers Guastalla, Dante and Alfredo. This is a masculine violin with deep edgework and confident workmanship. The tone of the violin is also confident and strong with lots of projection. If you are in the market for an Italian violin, this instrument would be a good bet; the brothers Guastalla stamped 'Italia' on the label no less than 7 times!

Charles Boullangier

This violin is a total stunner. Made in 1849 in London after Boullangier fled the 1848 unrest in France, it is made on a mid -1730s del Gesu pattern. Surprisingly, given how great the violin looks, the thing I find the most exciting about this violin is its responsive, rich, soloistic sound. A must try instrument for anyone on the look out for something special. 

Other Violins

In addition to our selection of instruments which are on our website, we also have a number of more expensive instruments and bows that we have been asked to sell, but which are off market. If you are looking for something specific, please get in touch as we might have what you're looking for. 


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